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As a denizen of a third world country struggling for reforms and handling corruption, I find social justice as appealing. Here on Tumblr, it’s completely misguided. 

How on Earth will you obtain equality for all people if you threaten to dox or even force someone to kill themselves? 

Is that what you want to raise awareness of? Sending hate mail and screaming out oppression for those who have a different opinion from you?

Can you stop whining about why Frozen, Rapunzel or Brave doesn’t have any Arabs, Chinese or Moroccans? Can you stop talking about how men complimenting you are misogynist pigs? Can you complaining about a girl’s last great day with her cancer stricken father? Can you stop telling people that hate only works one way?

You can’t. You’ll just complain how this post is oppressing you or triggering you.

You trivialize everything around you. You trivialize oppression, rape, abuse and trauma. You make racism seem harmless and acceptable. You make non-binary people harder to be understood. You trivialize mental disorders by making it more abnormal than it is normal intended to be. (Autiself thing is just ridiculous). 

It actually makes me upset when I post something interesting and awful news about things happening in Asia and Africa on Tumblr only to be brushed aside.

Do you know that people can’t choose their favourite careers because they fear that they won’t be able to support their family well? Anti-Muslim riots? First gay marriage in Southeast Asia? People being beaten up and killed for being different? Women raped, forced in prostitution and stripped of their identity? REAL people killed and imprisoned for campaigning about women’s rights, LGBT rights and democracy?

"LALALALALALA, I am not going to listen. It’s my problem. I’ll just continue to whine about  representation in fiction and "acceptance" for speshul snowflakes"

~ sincerely, Burma Anon. :)

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